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  1. 哈里王子明年5月19日举行婚礼

    follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George's Chapel, ...

    2017-12-15 21:55
  2. Undersea Cable Project Shows China's Interest in Warming Arctic

    win-win cooperation” and that “no concrete plan has been confirmed at this moment.” The Chinese Ministry ...

    2017-12-14 10:30
  3. Public Perceptions of China in Indonesia: The Indonesia National Survey

    opinion leaders. Surveys on Indonesian perceptions of China have confirmed these to be generally positive. ...

    2017-12-05 14:25
  4. Trudeau’s China Trade Mission Risks Upending Canadian Alliances

    trip in as many years but has stopped short of confirming Canada will begin FTA negotiations. While ... briefing journalists ahead of the trip wouldn’t confirm or rule out launching free trade talks, instead ...

    2017-12-07 15:24
  5. Russia's Rosneft aims for big boost in oil exports to China

    added. Two other oil industry sources confirmed the plans. Russian oil production has been steady, at ...

    2017-10-09 20:53
  6. 税务局吁公众 慎防假冒该局诈骗电邮

    Singapore-Refund-Online-Confirmation”(国内税务局线上退款确认),当中附上一个链接,要求收信人点击和下载当中的退税表格,并在事后提交。 电邮提到,“当局”需两至五天处理退税程序,而且因为各种原因,如在期限后提交表格或记录无效,退款可能会被推迟。 ...

    2017-09-13 08:05
  7. As World Watches Kim, China Quietly Builds South China Sea Clout

    from China.” Repsol confirmed the suspension in an earnings call in July but said it would not comment ...

    2017-09-06 13:15
  8. China in talks to sell electricity to Myanmar amid warming ties

    Htain Lwin, spokesman of Myanmar's ministry of electricity and energy, confirmed initial talks had ...

    2017-08-05 00:35
  9. 下半年售地计划 私宅供应量增两成

    国家发展部昨天公布下半年的政府售地计划名单,共有六幅地段列入正选名单(Confirmed List),它们可为市场注入多达2840个私宅单位,比上半年的2330个单位,增加约两成或510个单位。 如果包括列入备售名单(Reserve ...

    2017-06-30 13:41
  10. 政府公布下半年售地计划

    政府公布下半年售地计划 2017年6月29日 星期四 (联合早报网讯)国家发展部今天公布2017年下半年的政府售地计划(GLS)名单,共推出六幅正选名单(Confirmed ...

    2017-06-29 11:31