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  1. 寻找信息战里的中间地带

    ,这样的隐患也说明政府在打击伪造信息工作上面对的限制,及平衡多方考量的必要。特选委员会昨天在第一场听证会上,也铆足全力,尽可能了解不同背景和领域的供证人对伪造信息的危害,及如何应对伪造信息的看法。 李光耀公共政策学院政策研究所的孙婉婷博士在提呈的报告中就指出,人们的“印证偏差”(confirmation bias)可能导致他们倾向于不加批判地接受与他们信念相符的伪造信息,而拒绝与自己信念相悖的信息。这样的思维将导致社会走向极化。 ...

    2018-03-15 09:02
  2. Asian giants China and India flex muscles over tiny Maldives

    comment. A naval official confirmed the Chinese ships entered the Indian Ocean, but said they were ...

    2018-03-08 07:50
  3. U.K.'s May Walks Tightrope Between Trade, Politics in China

    talks. “A number of the businesses here are looking to confirm some deals in China which will be good for ...

    2018-01-31 10:45
  4. 美肯塔基西部中学枪击案 至少一死

    。肯塔基州长贝文在推特上证实该地确实发生了枪击案。他写道:“有至少一人丧命,数人受伤,枪手已被捕,但具体情况还不明朗……请大家切勿揣测或是道听途说……让在案发现场的工作人员做好他们的工作。” Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS...Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others ...

    2018-01-23 23:17
  5. 两客机多伦多机场跑道发生碰撞

    据媒体报道,这起事故发生在当地时间星期五晚上7时左右,涉及事故的是一架西捷航空(WestJet)客机和一架阳翼航空(Sunwing)客机。 WestJet has confirmed that WS2425, a Boeing 737-800 with 168 guests and six crew onboard, inbound ...

    2018-01-06 10:05
  6. Pakistan summons U.S. envoy over Trump's "lies and deceit" tweet

    but the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad confirmed on Tuesday that a meeting had taken place. Trump said the ... U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley confirmed on Tuesday the Trump administration is ...

    2018-01-03 10:55
  7. 哈里王子明年5月19日举行婚礼

    follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George's Chapel, ...

    2017-12-15 21:55
  8. Undersea Cable Project Shows China's Interest in Warming Arctic

    win-win cooperation” and that “no concrete plan has been confirmed at this moment.” The Chinese Ministry ...

    2017-12-14 10:30
  9. Public Perceptions of China in Indonesia: The Indonesia National Survey

    opinion leaders. Surveys on Indonesian perceptions of China have confirmed these to be generally positive. ...

    2017-12-05 14:25
  10. Trudeau’s China Trade Mission Risks Upending Canadian Alliances

    trip in as many years but has stopped short of confirming Canada will begin FTA negotiations. While ... briefing journalists ahead of the trip wouldn’t confirm or rule out launching free trade talks, instead ...

    2017-12-07 15:24