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  1. Malaysia suspends construction of major Belt and Road rail project

    "national interest" among other reasons. A spokesman for MRL confirmed the instruction to Reuters but ...

    2018-07-05 07:26
  2. China Begins to Question Whether It’s Ready for a Trade War

    assertive foreign policy in a recent article published in Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao newspaper. He confirmed ...

    2018-06-27 01:34
  3. 三架飞机从平壤起飞前往新加坡

    S transponder and is tracked via MLAT. https://t.co/ZeqpheDtkx We have added a route (which is not confirmed) in ...

    2018-06-10 20:09
  4. 客机从平壤飞往新加坡 为金正恩之行试航?

    China after departing Pyongyang. No confirmation of passengers. https://t.co/jnUGkCAFkR ...

    2018-06-09 23:55
  5. 美国名厨安东尼波登逝世 享年61岁

    Emmy-winning host has committed suicide at age 61, CNN confirms https://t.co/kUSmSJZXNm ...

    2018-06-08 20:20
  6. Pakistan seeks economic lifeline with fresh China loans

    state-run institutions. A second government official confirmed Pakistan was in "sensitive" talks ...

    2018-05-28 08:02
  7. EU suspects tax fraud at China's new gateway to Europe

    Office (OLAF) confirmed it was working with Italy on the investigation but declined to give details, ...

    2018-04-23 10:43
  8. 通过网站可知未来数年土地发展计划

    政府接下来通过政府售地计划(GLS)落实总蓝图。它每半年会作出宣布,通知公众与房地产业者哪一些地段列入正选名单(Confirmed List)和备售名单(Reserve List)。 公众可通过这些宣布,得知哪一些地段即将招标、招标日期,以及地段的用途,譬如这地段是否会建造执行共管公寓。 ...

    2018-04-14 10:22
  9. 寻找信息战里的中间地带

    ,这样的隐患也说明政府在打击伪造信息工作上面对的限制,及平衡多方考量的必要。特选委员会昨天在第一场听证会上,也铆足全力,尽可能了解不同背景和领域的供证人对伪造信息的危害,及如何应对伪造信息的看法。 李光耀公共政策学院政策研究所的孙婉婷博士在提呈的报告中就指出,人们的“印证偏差”(confirmation bias)可能导致他们倾向于不加批判地接受与他们信念相符的伪造信息,而拒绝与自己信念相悖的信息。这样的思维将导致社会走向极化。 ...

    2018-03-15 09:02
  10. Asian giants China and India flex muscles over tiny Maldives

    comment. A naval official confirmed the Chinese ships entered the Indian Ocean, but said they were ...

    2018-03-08 07:50